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Generic Name: Zolpidem (zole PI dem)
Brand Names: Ambien, Ambien CR, Edluar, Intermezzo, Zolpimist



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Ambien belongs to the sub class of omega benzodiazepine receptors and is selectively agonist in nature. It comes from the group of imidazopyridines and usually has a hypnotic and sedative effect. Ambien , when taken in usual and moderate doses does not shows any effect of central , anxiolytic and anticonvulsant neither does it causes drowsiness during the day time. Intake of ambien usually helps in reducing the time required for falling asleep, helps increase total duration of sleep, helps provide a better quality of uninterrupted sleep by minimizing the number of nocturnal awakenings (midnight sleep interruptions due to uneasiness in the brain) . It increases the duration of II stage sleep along with the stage of deep sleep ( stage III, IV). You can easily  Ambien buy online usa from our online pharmacy without prescription.

✔️ Information

Intake of ambien in moderate and advised dosage increases the sensitivity of GABA receptors to the mediator (GABA) which thereafter leads to an increase in the opening frequency in the cytoplasmic membrane of the neurons of the channels for the incoming currents of chloride ions along with hyperpolarization of synaptic membrane, increases the inhibitory effect of GABA, and inhibition of neuronal activity in various parts of the central nervous system. Ambien is a selective agonist belonging to the omega sub type of the benzodiazepine receptive of macro molecular GABA receptor complex. When ambien is released inside the body it interacts with the central omega receptors which are localized mainly in the cerebellum along with certain areas of the cortex ( lies in the IV layer of the sensitive motor cortical zones) the black substance, the lower hillock, the olfactory bulb, the ventral part of the thalamic complex ,the bridge and the pale ball in the central nervous system .

✔️ Indications

Intake of ambien is advised only when one acknowledges the aforementioned indications such as difficulty in falling asleep, midnight and/ or early awakenings .( Also called as nocturnal awakenings)

✔️ Contraindications

The intake of ambien must be certainly and promptly be withdrawn if the person is allergic or sensitive to ambien or any other component of the drug . If the person faces acute and / or severe respiratory failure, night apnea ( including the condition of supposed) , severe acute or chronic liver failure ,the dosage must be discontinued immediately . Pregnant ladies, lactating women, people with hereditary lactose intolerant , lactase deficiency , or glucose – galactose malabsorption syndrome and children up-to 18 years of age must also have consulted and / or conscious or no intake of this medicine .

✔️ Dosing and Administration

The maximum permissible dosage of ambien is 10 mg . In case of elderly or debilitated patients whose liver doesn’t functions properly or is impaired the Advisable dosage is started with a comparatively low dosage of 5 mg. If the issue still persists (difficulty in falling asleep) or if need arises and if the human body shows good tolerance towards the drug, then the daily dosage maybe increased to 10 mg , with due consultation of doctors. If the drug is to be taken immediately before going to bed, 10 mg of dosage is advised. The duration of treatment under all circumstances must not exceed 4 weeks . In case of , the treatment of 2-5 days is enough and in case of situational insomnia 2-3 weeks are recommended .

✔️ Side effects

The possible side effects one may witness while being on ambien medication include symptoms such as skin rash, itching, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, gait disturbances and abdominal pain. Other prominent side effects may be night marish dreams, confusion, visual impairment, memory impairment, drowsiness , headache, agitation, along with dizziness . Development of dependence has not been ruled out. As soon as a person witness any of the above mentioned symptoms, seeking of immediate medical health is advisable.

✔️ Interactions

Consumption of alcohol while the person is on ambien medication is highly restricted. Intake of alcoholic beverages containing high percentage of alcohol is forbidden as well. Intake of alcoholic beverages may increase the capacity of the ambien drug leading to drowsiness during the day time as well.

✔️ Special instructions

While a person is on ambien medication he should refrain himself from indulging in potentially hazardous activities such as working at height, with mechanism or driving, mostly those activities that require excessive and complete presence of mind. Extra care and attention must be taken while delivering the drug to people with risky age factor and / or people with liver and respiratory failure . Ambien has the capability to enhance the capacity of other drugs that can potentially depress the central nervous system .

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